Our Mission
To create connections, celebrate and honor experiences of overcoming, and promote self care while highlighting causes around the world

Our Vision
TYSAH; heal the world 

Our Purpose
Everyone needs tools available to overcome day to day challenges


Alejandra loves discovering new places in El Salvador and around the world. She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, visiting her grandmother, and sharing a good laugh with friends. As a professional, Alejandra Mejia has dedicated her career to supporting small businesses and nonprofits in the arts, education, literacy, trauma due to violence, and migration through the lens of strategic communications and marketing. She recognizes the power of language and relationships and understands the importance of ethical storytelling. Early in life, she learned entrepreneurial skills from her now 92-year-old Abuela and her love of reading and the power of networking from her Abuelo Eduardo. Since her daughter Helena was born in 2020, Alejandra has prioritized her healing in hopes of interrupting generational cycles and providing her daughter the tools to navigate whatever challenges she will inevitably confront in life. As a wife and mother, she also understands the importance of work-life integration and looks forward to creating an organization that supports this for all.


When not working, Gabriela enjoys creating memories with her family, game nights, star gazing listening to crime podcasts, going to Jazz festivals, napping, and teaching her Goldendoodle, Apollo, new tricks. As a PROUD first-generation immigrant from El Salvador, Gabriela Mira Brown has always worked to honor the people and places that have poured into her and made her the person she is today. Her first-hand experiences have shaped her career and passion for participating in programs and services that create access to resources for under-invited communities. As a mental wellness advocate, Gabriela has dedicated her career to the nonprofit sector that fills much-needed gaps in community services. Gabriela looks forward to attending the California Institute of Integral Science (CIIS) in the fall 2022 and working to obtain her MA in Psychology with a concentration in Community Mental Health. Through her own healing, Gabriela understands the importance of community care through self-care and aims to reflect this via TYSAH.

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”
– Coretta Scott King

Why we TYSAH

We are two friends, partners, professionals, mothers, daughters, wives, on our own journey towards healing.
We want to share TYSAH with the world to support others in their journey and create community towards healing.
We want to share experiences of overcoming while partnering with causes around the world.

TYSAH provides an experience for growth, and recognizes
that self-care and healing is not linear.


Inside out



Our Logo represents what we believe is needed to TYSAH.
The healing journey requires you to search within, and challenges you to grow and evolve continuously.
We believe TYSAH causes a ripple effect that helps heal the world.