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Previous Events

Communication Matters: how to preserve Relationships you don’t want to lose

Mindful Voices: Empowering Mental Health Voices.

A TYSAH event in collaboration with SOLVE was hosted in two parts, first, we asked participants to leave messages on a padlet and TYSAH transformed them into greeting cards, we sent them to the hospital to show support and empathy to those struggling with mental health illness.

Love Notes For Your Soul: The healing power of writing

For this event we partnered with Solano Writers Society, Breanna and Shea guided the participants in writing exercises, we also talked about the importance of self-love and our facilitators shared some ideas about writing on our blog.

Preparing For The Holidays: A mindful practice by Dr. Onllwyn Dixon, Ed.D

The holidays bring different emotions and experiences, in community with Dr. Dixon we prepared with mindful activities that reminded us to pause and re-direct our energy. 

TYSAH Open House

What a better way to launch the TYSAH movement! We hosted two sessions one in English, another one in Spanish and explained our mission, vision and the inspiration behind TYSAH.