Beginnings! Remarks from our Virtual Open House

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Hi and welcome! We are so excited that you are here! We wanted to share a few words we shared on Tuesday and Wednesday with some of the folks who connected to our first virtual open house! As you probably know, I’m Alejandra writing from San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America, and Gabriela is actually on her way to Washington on a road trip with her mom and Apollo. We are embarking on this journey as partners in this company. We are excited to present to you what we have been working on. 

We will officially introduce TYSAH, we will engage in a mindfulness activity led by an amazing facilitator. We will introduce you to the TYSAH team and folks who have believed in TYSAH from day one and have invested their time and talent to make today happen. And at the end, we will share a quick group picture we captured from our Open Houses. We hope that you finish reading this blog, with a better understanding of TYSAH. 

You will get a sneak peek into future TYSAH collections and learn more about TYSAH, our mission, our purpose, and how you can support this movement. We will also leave room for questions -if you are reading this as a blog, feel free to use the comments to leave questions and comments!

Our Team

Below, you are seeing the professionals who have helped turn our vision into reality. Maria Jose – Helped create our TYSAH Logo, Susy has been the person behind our content on Social media and created designs for TYSAH products such as our affirmation cards. Oscar supported TYSAH by taking the photos and videos that you see on our website and social media pages, and Daniela jumped on board to model TYSAH products. All of them are professionals based in El Salvador. We are so grateful for their dedication of time and attention to TYSAH.

We also want to give a quick shout-out to the following people: Justin Nance, Mirna Cervantes, Mariela Arriaga, Angela Rudolph, Dr. Dixon, Fabiana Vega, Anna Vicosky, Mara Sammartino, Jaime Mira, Alma De Hernandez, and our partners, family members, and friends. Thank you! 

Introduction to TYSAH

We know that it goes without saying that the past few years have been challenging to say the least. In the last 3 years alone our communities have navigated a global pandemic, grief after losing loved ones, employment, housing, relationships, and stability in general. While still navigating ongoing and historical racial, gender, agist, ableist and sexual injustices in a system that was not created with us in mind. While holding things together for our communities and the people and activities that bring us joy. Through our own healing journeys we understand that there is healing power in community care and through self-care TYSAH aims to heal the world.  

 TYSAH stands for Treat Your Self And Heal! We believe that treating ourselves leads to healing ourselves, which leads to healing the world. TYSAH: Treat Your Self And Heal is not just a name it’s an action that we know has a ripple effect on everyone who surrounds us when we TYSAH. 

Treating ourselves can mean gifting ourselves products or moments that bring us joy. Treating ourselves can also mean getting to the root of a problem and addressing whatever blocks may be holding us back in ways that feel authentic to us. Healing is not linear, and there is not a one size fits all journey. We believe this adventure is lifelong and unique to each individual person. 

Our Mission

Our mission is To create connections, celebrate and honor experiences of overcoming, and promote self-care while partnering with causes around the world. We are not just another self-care company. We are using TYSAH products as a vessel to have powerful conversations partnered with action that lead to healing.

At the same time, we understand the importance of representation and funding for our communities. Because of this, TYSAH is not only focusing on selling products but also on purchasing directly from our communities and reinvesting money in our communities. A percentage of our revenue from TYSAH collections will go towards TYSAH grants given to folks from historically under-invited communities such as Black, Indigenous, POC, differently abled body folks, women, and the LGBTQIA+ community who would like financial assistance to obtain mental health services from a licensed therapist or who want to become therapists themselves. Our future collection, TYSAH Overcoming, will donate part of its proceeds to partner nonprofits whose mission aligns with the theme of each box. 

TYSAH Begins Collection – Available NOW!

Our TYSAH Begins collection available on our website now honors the power in beginnings and is an introduction to the TYSAH brand as well as an ode to our journey as entrepreneurs. It is equally exciting as scary, and there’s power in admitting that. We also want to honor the beginning of your relationship with TYSAH.

Future Collections

We are currently working on completing our inaugural TYSAH Overcoming collection, which will provide a personal insight into what it looks like to overcome difficulties in our lives. Through TYSAH Overcoming, we will honor people who are currently living with chronic illnesses, have experienced life-altering traumatic events, and are at a point in their healing journey where they are ready to share their experiences in hopes that it helps someone else. This collection will also provide resources to educate the world about each cause and funding for nonprofits whose mission aligns with these causes that will be chosen by the people we will be centering. 

As the holiday season approaches, we will also be releasing TYSAH Celebrates meant to showcase holiday celebrations with intention and inclusivity while acknowledging the challenges that present themselves during this time. Stay tuned for upcoming launches.

Get involved!

  • You can support TYSAH by going to our website, following us on social media, liking and sharing our content, and telling someone about TYSAH.  
  • We would also benefit from your feedback and expertise to improve our collections and events. Please leave a comment or send an email to
  • You can purchase a TYSAH box or product for yourself or someone else as a reminder to treat yourself and heal.
  • Perhaps you can help facilitate an introduction to someone who would like to be a guest writer on our blog or whose experience of overcoming needs to be shared with the world through TYSAH Overcoming. 
  • You can share information about a cause or nonprofit we can partner with or potential vendors of products that can be included in future collections. 
  • Also, as two Latina businesswomen, if you know about resources or opportunities for networking or funds, please keep us in mind and send them our way.

There is no limit to how you can show TYSAH support.

And we see no limit to what TYSAH can do, the healing that can take place, and the impact we can have together. We are energized and inspired by individuals like you and appreciate the work you’re already doing day in and day out. Thank you for taking an active part in treating yourself and healing, and always remember to Be Good To You!


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