Affirmations alone are not magic!

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Why this blog

If you follow TYSAH on social media (and if you don’t please follow us here and here) you know that we published a series of content on affirmations last week. We started with Affirmations ≠ Magic. Allow me to explain what It means.


I would have argued against affirmations and their power a few years ago. I would have made my case by discussing how you must work hard for something to happen or become true. Period!

After some 6+ years on a healing journey that I will be happy to share in detail later, I want to share seven easy steps to guide you to discover the power of affirmations. 

1. Choose an affirmation that reflects your heart’s desire or what you need to be reminded of. Check out our deck of cards!

2. Set aside 1-3 minutes a day to relax, concentrate, and read or listen to affirmations. If it’s available to you, repeat this exercise during the day.

3. Find a safe space and avoid distractions while reading or listening to the affirmations. 

4. Repetition is the key. Repeat the affirmations to yourself throughout the day.

5. Use the affirmations with intention and consistency. Affirmations are tools available for you every day and for FREE.

6. Dare to create your personalized affirmations; through your TYSAH journey, you will see that no one knows better than you!

7. Share affirmations with your community. Affirm them too.

My conclusions

I think, indeed, affirmations ≠ magic, but they are magical and do make magic happen. 

But the magic comes from YOU. When you practice and tell yourself affirmations with kindness, consistency, and intention. The magic reveals when you start noticing you are interrupting the negative thoughts with positive ones or when you learn that you can hold it together in the middle of a complicated situation. 

Affirmations alone are not magic; they aren’t magic words nor a formula for a spell.

The best part is they are available to you, to all, every day.

Alejandra, with edits and improvements from Gabriela.
TYSAH Co-Founders


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