Inside TYSAH Begins

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When you purchase TYSAH’s inaugural gift box; TYSAH Begins, you are supporting us;
two Latina women from different walks of life who found each other and joined forces
to center & celebrate our communities.

You are doing your part to ensure a  successful launch of TYSAH – a movement.
This movement will bring much-needed connections, and highlight experiences of
overcoming, and provide day-to-day self-care tools for everyone.

Inside TYSAH Begins, you will find items that bring or inspire joy and have allowed us
to take care of ourselves throughout the years. The truth is that, in general, we do not
have a perfect recipe or combination of ingredients for healing.

We believe self-care is such a personal and unique experience; that it requires learning
ourselves over and over and over again. To honestly know what works for us, we must
seek what fits with intention: trial and error, seeing healing as an adventure.

What’s inside and why:

Inside TYSAH Begins
  • 01 Tea
    Victor Frankl once said, “Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” Man’s search for Meaning.

    We decided to include tea bags as a powerful tool that helps us pause. Pauses are necessary for our fast-paced environment. Gabriela and Alejandra invite you to sip a cup of hot tea whenever needed. This product comes to you directly from El Salvador.
  • 02 Candle
    We know smells activate the part of our brains connected to memory and emotions; take a stroll down memory lane or create new memories while enjoying these relaxing scents. In addition, our candles are beautiful & unique. We invite you to use it to decorate any space you occupy.
    This product is proudly brought to you by women entrepreneurs in El Salvador
  • 03 Magnet
    Our Be Good To You magnet serves as a quick everyday reminder to treat yourself with kindness while you heal! Regardless of where you are in your healing process; it is important to have patience and give yourself grace.
    Be Good To You!
  • 04 Stickers
    Stickers can work as small reminders to boost happiness and spread positive messages around you. Place them strategically in locations you see often. Take pride in your journey, have fun, and see how many you can collect. 
  • 05 Journal
    Whether incomplete or simple blurbs, what comes to you in ideas or thoughts is there for a reason. TYSAH was born from many unfinished ideas that became complete once put together. We wouldn’t exist without our journals. For years, they held the key to what we were looking for: TYSAH. Use it to write to-do lists, brainstorm, write reflections, write when anxious, or make dibujitos (little drawings). What will you come up with? Make it an adventure! The cover was hand-painted by a Salvadoran artist.
  • 06 Picture Frame
    Frame your vision! We encourage you to use the frame included in your box to highlight something that is meaningful to you. Use it to center the image of a loved one, your favorite quote, or a drawing of your choice. This frame is intentionally blank allowing you to get creative and make it your own. Write a quote, create a collage, or draw around the frame.  Whatever you choose, gift yourself the freedom to create.
  • 07 Fragrance Oil
    Enjoy the orange fragrance from the essential oil for an energy boost. Orange fragrance has been shown to reduce fatigue, boost energy, and increase feelings of happiness. This oil is not edible however we have enjoyed rubbing a few drops into our hands and adding a couple of drops to our bath water. A little goes a long way with this product! The possibilities are endless.
    It comes to you directly from a New York-based, Black and Women-Owned Business.
  • 08 Affirmation Cards
    We believe that words and language matter; they have a powerful effect on our healing process. Use these affirmation cards to treat yourself with kindness and grace. Spread their message by mailing one as a postcard, or leave one for someone to find in a public location.

Everything comes inside a beautiful box that can be recycled, reused or repurposed


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