Get Curious: Journal prompts for self-discovery by TYSAH!

Please note that this is a virtual/downloadable product.

Introducing our thoughtfully crafted journal, designed with your needs and personal growth in mind. We understand the transformative power of writing and journaling in our own healing journeys, and we’re excited to share this empowering tool with you.

Within the pages of our journal, you’ll discover 52 weeks of Daily Check-Ins. This space allows you to jot down a few lines each day, empowering you to choose whether to kickstart your morning or unwind before bed. The Daily Check-Ins also provide room for you to set a weekly intention and track your mood throughout the week. You’ll also find 52 individual pages, each offering in-depth prompts that inspire introspection and self-discovery on a weekly basis. In addition to 11 coloring pages to center your creativity and 11 affirmations reminding you to hold yourself in a positive regard.

Our journal is your personalized companion on your journey to self-discovery and personal growth. Join us in harnessing the power of writing, and let this journal be the catalyst for your own transformative experience.


1 review for Get Curious: Journal prompts for self-discovery by TYSAH!

  1. Alejandra

    It has been super helpful for my healing journey, to write at least 5 minutes every day! That’s why we wanted to make this product available to everyone.

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