TYSAH Celebrates box – 1 box left!

What’s inside and why

  1. Candle: We are including a white-cylinder handmade candle made in El Salvador by a women-owned business. Light it while stating your intentions for the holiday season, use it to honor and remember a loved one, or decompress and relax by candlelight.
  2. Matches: that element of spark for the holidays -and of course to light your TYSAH candle!
  3. Chocolate: an award-winning chocolate sampler from El Salvador, with this sampler you can decide your favorite, you can try them all or share them with someone you love. 
  4. Greeting cards: Spread joy. Write yourself a note to be opened at a later date. Send cards to loved ones who made your year a little better with their presence or leave a motivational message for a stranger on the windshield of their car. 
  5. Pens: Write a note, a quote a poem, or draw something, small reminders for you and others that the holiday season is here.
  6. Keychain: handmade with recycled magazines in El Salvador, use it as a reminder to TYSAH! Treat Your Self Today and Every Day!
  7. 2023 Calendar: Stay in the know of the holidays celebrated all over the world throughout the year. Immerse yourself in learning about cultures you may not have known about before. This calendar comes with a  special hand-made wooden stand by  don Miguel in El Salvador and a list of holidays celebrated all year round. 


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