“Sipping on Self-Love: My Journey through Dry January”

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January – a month of resolutions, fresh starts, and for me, a challenge: Dry January. After the festive season’s indulgences, I decided it was time to hit the reset button on my relationship with alcohol. Here’s a recap of my journey and since for Valentine’s Day we are talking about self-love, I want to share with you a small act of self-love that I started in 2024!

I learned so much from this popular challenge! and you don’t have to wait till next January if you want to embark on a self-love journey like this!

Embarking on the Dry January Adventure:

The holiday season tends to come with its fair share of cheers, toasts, and clinking glasses. I, too, found myself savoring a bit too much wine, beer, and brunch mimosas. Enter Dry January – a commitment to 31 days sans alcohol. Joined by friends and colleagues, the challenge felt both personal and communal.

The Journey: 28 Days Strong:

For 28 days, I embraced the alcohol-free lifestyle with surprising ease. It was a revelation: I discovered more willpower within me than I had thought possible. The support of friends on the same journey added an extra layer of support, making the challenge feel like a shared triumph.

A Detox for Body and Soul:

What started as a resolution turned out to be a form of self-love. The detox wasn’t just for my body it was also an opportunity to keep exploring my habits and how I take care of myself. Clear-headed and energized, I felt appreciation for the resilience of my body and its capacity for positive change.

A Recap from my Journey:

  1. It turns out I’m Not an Alcoholic! Taking a break allowed me to assess my relationship with alcohol, reassuring me that I’m not an alcoholic and making me reassess my drinking habits. If you have ever wondered If you are drinking too much alcohol, here is a resource from AA where you can take the test that only you can take, to know if you might need help with your drinking habits.
  2. Unveiling Willpower: I learned that I have more willpower than I thought, some days my husband and friends were having a beer or a drink and I remain true to my commitment!
  3. Social Pressures and Norms: The challenge prompted me to question other habits driven by societal expectations – what else could benefit from a mindful reset?
  4. Pride in Self-Respect: Completing the challenge left me feeling proud, a testament to showing my body the love and respect it deserves.
  5. Track your progress: Something happens in the brain every day that I’m marking and keeping track of my progress. On a blank page, I wrote the tittle DRY JANUARY! Added 31 blank circles, and every day I didn’t drink I colored in one circle!

Post-January Reflections: While I couldn’t refuse a good glass of wine while I traveled to Madrid on day 29, I embraced it without guilt. Now, I’ve reintroduced occasional indulgences, understanding that moderation is key. I’ve learned that periodic “dry” months can be important to reset my body and mind.

Closing Thoughts: Dry January taught me that self-love extends beyond the physical to the choices we make. As I continue my journey, I wonder, what other acts of self-love can I incorporate into my life? How do you show your body the love it deserves?
I also want to say, that in addition to doing this challenge with friends, an amazing tool that helped me track my progress, was this simple journal, like the ones that you can find at the TYSAH store


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